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RIBA Checklist (Grey)
Written by Andy Calvert2
Monday, 11 April 2011 09:00

checklist for riba visiting panels

This Checklist is intended as a guide for RIBA Visiting Boards. It sets out a standard set of questions, suggesting possible areas of enquiry for panels and provides a framework for a consistent approach to assessment of library provision. The checklist was jointly produced by the RIBA's Professional Literature Committee and ARCLIB in 1996 and has been updated this year (2006) by ARCLIB.


Q? Is there a separate architecture library or are the architecture collections located within a more general library?

Q? If there is a separate library, is the collection listed within the University library catalogue?



Q?  Is there adequate representation of architecture - related subjects?

Q? Are multiple copies of recommended texts available?

Q? Are loan periods flexible and appropriate?

Q? Are reading lists available via the library or university catalogue?

Q? Is there support for e-books?

Q? Is there access to current trade literature?

Q? What is the policy on acquisitions and the discarding of books?


Q? What journals are subscribed to regularly?

Q? How are journals listed and accessed?

Q? How are journals displayed, used, bound and stored?

Q? What is the extent of the library’s e-journal collection and how relevant is this to the teaching of architecture?

information literacy training

Q? Does the Library provide information literacy training?

Q? To what levels is information literacy offered?

Q? Is information literacy training integrated into student project work?

audio visual material

Q? Are there audio and video materials related to architecture? If so, are these up to date and easily accessible?

Q? Does the library have a slide collection?

Q? Is the library active in creating a digital image collection and/or does it subscribe to commercial image libraries?

Q? Are there adequate playing and viewing facilities?

Q? What are the arrangements for borrowing?

electronic resources

Q? What databases are available relevant to architecture?

Q? How are electronic resources organised and accessed? How easy is it to identify material on architecture?

Q? Do search results in databases link to available resources?

Q? Are there links between e-learning materials (if any) and library resources?

Q? Are there arrangements for remote access?

research facilities

Q? Do researchers have access to suitable collections locally?

Q? Is there adequate access to national collections via inter-library loan systems?

Q? What arrangements exist for easy access to RIBA Library facilities?


Q? What is the current total budget for architecture materials and how is this apportioned between books, journals, etc.?

Q? Is it possible to identify the proportionate funding devoted to electronic resources?

Q? How does the current budget allocation compare with previous years?

Q? Is there a contingency amount in the library fund, which would allow immediate purchase of special items - e.g. second hand books, exhibition catalogues, etc. as they become available?


Q? Is there a subject librarian?

Q? What other staffing is available to support architecture students?

Q? Does the subject librarian attend relevant school meetings?

Q? Is the subject librarian informed about developments in the school’s teaching and research programmes?

library facilities

Q? What are the opening hours, and what level of staffing is provided for these periods?

Q? What is the space availability for library users?

Q? Are there spaces for quiet study and group work areas?

Q? Is there provision for:

black and white photocopying

colour photocopying?

large scale copying?


other reprographic facilities?

user feedback

Q? How is feedback obtained?

Q? What is the evidence of use and user satisfaction from staff, students, and researchers?

Q? What is the evidence of use and user satisfaction from practitioners and others outside the architecture department?

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 June 2011 16:31